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In demanding environments where first shot accuracy is critical, Accuracy International rifles have, for over three decades been the tactical systems of choice for military and police units worldwide. Our latest range is the battle hardened product of this unrivalled experience. Buy Accuracy International rifles online. Accuracy International (AI) manufactures the leading lines of finest sniper and target shooting rifles and its list includes AX rifles, AT-X rifles, AT rifles, AICS Chassis System, AX ELR rifles, AX50, and associated rifle accessories. The original design of AI rifles included performance enhancing features, learned during international target shooting and Olympic games that exhibited complete military ruggedness. The current Accuracy International sniper rifles that are exhibited for sale also have the performance enhancing features found in the original design.

But in addition to that, they now incorporate the advancements that the manufacturers have learnt over the last 35 years for meeting the needs of the highly trained professional users globally. Demand for precision sniper rifles have increased in the last ten years, unforeseen since World War II. To satiate the increasing varied needs, engineers of Accuracy International have strived to carve the ultimate sniper rifle without compromising on the ideals. Varied Accuracy International Rifles are now available to complement the requirements of different shooters. AI has manufactured the best 50 cal rifle in the world – the AX50 rifle, along with the AI AX338, built for taking precise extreme long range shots. The extensive lineup of Accuracy International rifles along with the accessories can be availed here.

Shop brand new Accuracy International firearms from our shop. Accuracy International sniper rifles have been battle-proven since 1985. AI rifles offer no-nonsense, all-weather reliability combined with deadly accuracy. These extremely precise and military tough rifles are fired and function tested before leaving the factory. When your life depends on it, depend on AI rifles.

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Accuracy International AXMC Rifle For Sale

The AXMC (AX Multi Calibre) advanced technology weapon system provides military, law enforcement and civilian shooters the latest in Accuracy International battle-proven features: accuracy, reliability, ruggedness and unrelenting quality. The AXMC is a user configurable, mission adaptable, long range sniper system.

The Accuracy International AXMC rifle is the flagship multi-caliber rifle in the AI line. As such, you can expect superiority in features, including; extreme durability and enhanced features.

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